With a rather huge celebration recently within my family (parent 50th Anniversary – woooohooo!!!  Congratulations Mum & Dad) we had the pleasure of both Two Faced Tommy & The Bootleg boys and Blues Boy Dan come and play an exclusive gig for them.  I couldn’t help myself and had to pull out the camera and although I was a little disappointed with the shots, too many reasons to explain here, I managed to salvage some and thought they were still worthy of a post.
I have to say, it was an absolutely amazing set that was put on!  We would thoroughly recommend these lads to anyone for any event, they simply blew everyone away.  Especially later in the evening, once everyone had relaxed had a few beers and got up on the dance floor – it seemed that the band fed off this and lit up even more!  The last additional hour that they played was something I just cannot explain.  Both TFT&TBB and BBD joined the stage together and simply let rip!  All the impromptu playing, sounds and singing absolutely made the night.  I believe it will be a rare occasion for the few lucky ones that stayed to the end to witness the shear pleasure and amazing sounds – well done lads!

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