Inspired by a photo I saw online I thought I would try my hand out some alternative panoramic shots, with this one it was a case of choosing the right location to produce a photo that felt like a mini planet and to do meant I needed some water! Luckily for me I live close to the mere’s at Ellesmere so I had plenty to choose from, but Ellesmere is the daddy of them all. So off I went, and flew my quad up and took as many shots in different directions as well as down. Returning home spent some time stitching the photo’s together and bending them into a circle in order to give the illusion of the planet like view. I think the outcome is pretty special. If I didn’t have such poor internet connection out here in the sticks (one downside for a photographer in the country), I would upload a high-res version for you all to see but for now you will have to settle for this reduced version. With the results I’ve got from this, and the reaction I’ve got from friends online I think I’m going to do some more little planets, so watch this space.

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