Looking for a cracking read? A superb Christmas present? A Secret Santa gift? Here’s your answer!  The Horses Know by Lynn Mann 🙂

If your friend is into horses they will love this book, but if your friend is not into horses they will also LOVE this book.  How do I know?…  because I’m not a horsey person – I’m not even a book person – I try every year to improve on the amount of books I read and fail miserably.  However, this was the only book that I’ve picked up in ages that has successfully kept my interest, intrigue and enthusiasm long enough to read it!

Why the interest in this book?

Well, I was very fortunate to have been asked to photograph the horse that inspired this book and was absolutely blown away when asked if one of my photos could be used as the cover.  As proud, excited and stunned as I was,  I actually owe a lot more to this horse and Lynn than the honour of a book cover.

I was asked some time ago if I could take some photographs for an equine calendar for the University of Liverpool, which was totally fine but there was one small problem – I was scared of horses!  This is where Lynn and her husband came to the rescue.  They offered for me to come and meet Pie and Braveheart and get used to being around horses and helped me understand more about them.  So I did, and what a moment.  There was something very special about Pie (Infinity in the book), I almost instantly was at ease with her, she created an immediate sense of calmness and within a short period I was brave enough to even stand in the same field with her.  We wondered over to the middle of her field and stood under a large tree and I sat down whilst she stood almost over me whilst she ate her dinner; so I started to take some pictures not entirely sure whether she would react to me or my camera.  Her reaction was superb and the results were great!

Braveheart thundering past me!
Pie having her dinner
Pie having her dinner

At the same time Darren let his horse into the field and proceeded to gallop around the edge in sheer delight (his horse not Darren), showing off as if shouting “hey, look at me!  Take my photo!”… which I obligingly did.  It was on the second loop that Braveheart turned and suddenly galloped full pelt towards me!  I can remember it so vividly, watching through my lens as this huge horse came right at me, clearly Braveheart didn’t realise us togs have the ability to take photos from a distance.  Now if you’re a photographer and use wide angle lens, you will know that when you are looking through the lens you don’t realise just how close things really are to you.  I was frozen to the spot not knowing whether to run myself, return to Pie for some moral support or climb the tree!  It wasn’t until I felt the whoosh of air and felt the tremors on the ground around me that I realised that Braveheart had passed within a foot of me at speed!  Needless to say me and my camera survived and I overcame my fear, all was then fine 🙂  I could almost hear Pie chuckling behind me though.

Honestly, the experience that day was superb.  I had never realised that horses had such visible and warm personalities as well as their exterior beauty;  I had only really looked at them from a distance in awe of their power.  Having read the book, I could completely relate to the bonding that is described so deeply within the story and that’s from only spending an hour in her presence!  It was thanks to them all that I went on to successfully complete my calendar shoot and have since met many many more horses but Pie still stands proud for me.  Thank you Lynn for helping me so much, and for choosing my photograph for your cover – truly made up. Congratulations on your success with the book.

I recently returned to visit them again and say hello, and managed to take this pic of her as well as her new friend – could there be a sequel in the making?!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this or know of the book, or bought the book yourself then please share this with your friends and family and spread the support for this book, it deserves all the recognition it can get.

Pie (Coxstone Infinity)
Pie (Coxstone Infinity)
Eden (Pie & Braveheart's new friend)


“The human race has all but destroyed itself and those who remain know that they must avoid repeating the mistakes of their ancestors. Life is a struggle but just when it seems as though all may be lost, the horses intervene. Through the bonds that develop between humans and their horses, people learn what the horses know, ensuring the advancement of humanity. And the horses wait for the person who will be able to help them in return …”