About Me

Hi my name is Jon Morris, but most know me as Jonnymo!

I started my journey into photography back in 2003, and never looked back.  There’s nothing better than creating an image that captures something special whether that be an emotion, a moment in time never to be seen again, someone special, or simply a wonder of nature.  I have a love for lots of different areas of photography and always enjoy the challenge of new subjects, genres or techniques to create something new and different each time.  This is true escapism for me; I always say photography is a very personal thing and it is but there’s nothing nicer than when someone else likes it too!

Feel free to get in touch with me over any medium as I love meeting people and seeing what I can do for them or their projects.  Join me on Facebook if you wish to let me know or follow my work.

Hope you enjoy my site, and hope you find something you like.


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